Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dive light - Part #9 - Next Steps....

Its a WIP so I've got the following outstanding design activies:-

1) Test it at depth, the assembly has been down to 30m not turned on, next step, turn it on!
2) Add more battery power... I've got a longer piece of tube coming and hope to fit 4 batteries in for a run time of 2hrs. Maybe upgrade the batteries to a higher mAh
3) Goodman handle, probably make a soft one, cheapest one in the UK is £28 ( $44) which is nearly half the cost of the build ( total £50) !

I've bought some maglite clamps which look pretty profession for mounting the light on a handle...


I've yet to use them.

4) The battery compartment is a bit messy, it needs sorting out.
5) Fix one end of the tube, probably the end with the wire, as I can see the cable pulling the bung out...? Maybe the pressure will keep it in, who knows.. Might do a pull test on my next deepish dive.

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