Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dive Compass - Part # 6 - Experiment with Mask

Once mounted, you can truely understand how the software is working and how you as a diver might perceive the signals...

Some observations:

LEDS are blurred so close up to your face but 10mm seperation is enough to determine which one is which... just.

Might have to change the resistors on the LEDS, in low light, they may be too bright... I've put them on analog output pins so I can vary the brightness under software...but its fixed at the moment..

They need to be forward of the mask frame so as to be both seen.

Some colours are more visible that others, red and blue  is good, green less so and the white ( all three colours) can look like red/green on at the same time..

The green level indicator on the LED_2 is a bit of a distraction so I might go back to a single LED.. or use it purely for the waypoint indicator..

Just thinking, I'm going to keep with this format for the moment until I can prove the in-water use of it but saw on another website ( rebreather world) the use of a small OLED display which intrigues me.... maybe mount an OLED display on the mask below the field of view and have the compass/battery at the side of the head...because the tilting of the head to check compass heading is a key feature...

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