Sunday, 21 April 2013

Disaster Strikes (almost) - Torch has water in it..

Ok, first sea dive of 2013 this weekend.... 27m ( 88ft) in to the English Channel for the Broderick off Hastings... 7 degress water temp.

Torch worked fine for the duration of the dive and out performed the UK Light cannon and Green Force umbilical easily...

Used it throughout the dive with no issues but back on deck noticed a little water on the inside of the lense... Still worked but decided to stop using it there and then.

On opening it at home, the water seems to be between the drop-in and the lense... nothing behind near the electronics or cable gland...

So, it was ok at 15m in the lake... and now at 27m not so good.... I did drag it through the sand and generally not look after it... so not sure if depth or I knocked it... Even so.... not the spec I want..

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