Monday, 15 July 2013

Cree Dive light - Magnetic Ring...

The mode selector was getting stiff on one of the Cree dive lights I bought. I tried to move back and forth to loosen it up and it jammed completely, oops. Right, apply some more force and the whole assembly fell off.

NB To remove the ring, you need to disconnect the head from the body and turn the ring to the off position as there is a groove for the magnet to slide through. Then slide off with a little force, the magnet might run on the o-rings.

It looks like this :-

On one side there is a small hole to contain a spring and ball bearing ( that sits on top).

On the opposite side of the head is a groove for the magnet.

There were signs of rust around the magnet and the hole so maybe the spring / ball bearing are rusting...

Reassembled the whole thing quite easily. Might take it apart again to oil it.

Update after 30 odd-dives :

The ring now has completely free movement, no notch. The spring has completely rusted up and fell to pieces when I removed it. The ball bearing was fine.

Its too loose underwater like this as it keeps turning itself off, so to provide some resistance to the ring movement, I added a piece of inner tube which seems to work...

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