Sunday, 1 September 2013

Underwater Video Light - Dual light for Sony Action Cam

After the success of my single video light ( with reflector removed) I modded another identical light to fix a number of issues I discovered i.e. a small shadow in the top right corner and add a little more power..

So, I've added an identical light to the other side and moved the lights further closer to the camera itself by attaching them further up the handle.

The second light was modified in a similar way to the first, only the shape of the metal plate is different... rather a square rather than a strip in the first. Still jammed in rather than fixed in any way.

Used the same clip as before, using a bit of inner tube to provide a little extra friction, underwater I found the lights moving when I turned them on/off. From ebay :

EPDM Rubber Lined P Clips Hose Pipe Clamp Cable Wiring Metal & Stainless Mikalor, 27mm pipe fitting.

Going diving next week and will post the results...

Update : Made a slight mistake in diving with the camera set to slow mo which ruined my videos, slow mode underwater is not a good idea.. The camera also flooded on day #2 so i didn't get much shooting done. Did get this clip with the dual light though :-

Update: Another version of this set-up...


  1. Dryed it out and its fine... check out my Vimeo channel for latest film clips and other blog posts..

  2. Hi,

    where did you get the frame for your camera as well as the clips for the flash lights? I am planning to get one since it is hard to do flash light on one hand and camera on the other

  3. Hi Nigel, the frame is a goodman handle for torches... dive shops and ebay sell them although as they are fairly easy to make so DIY ones are also quite cheap... £25 ish.. The clips are from ebay, seach for:
    EPDM Rubber Lined P Clips Hose Pipe Clamp Cable Wiring Metal & Stainless Mikalor

    the bolts were :

    30mm stainless steel and a M4 X 12 A2 SOCKET CAP HEAD SCREW HEX ALLEN KEY BOLT A2 STAINLESS + Bolt.