Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Video Light - Screenshots from Red Sea Videos

The following video captures are from the Sony Action Camera, using VLC in 1080p/25fps/120 degrees.

The full videos will be put on my Vimeo Channel.

All were taken using the DIY Video Light ( Double version) on a recent vacation to the Red Sea.

The first three shots are inside the Thistlegorm, lower decks in the holds, with just the Chinese torch in use not the Video lights... Not sure if you can make out the rows of open top trucks full of trailers and motobikes...

This is with the two light video light turned on. Spotted a nudibranch on the cab of a truck against the ships outer hull/rib. Distance to subject was less than a metre and very little silt in the water..

This is another hold, distance to truck cab is 2m, vis was good again, the hotspot in the top corner of the shot is the chinese torch not the video light. 

Hole in the top of a truck cab, 1-2m range.

Exiting the hold, foreground lit up with DIY video lights, quit silty at this point... you can see the particles in the water.

Truck radiator, cowling long gone. Middle deck at edge of hold entrance.

Daylight shots with the video lights on.

Swimming up to a small pinnacle, "The Alternatives" at Ras Mohammed, Egypt. Its a sequence of shots swimming up to the pinnacle, the lights are only starting to have any effect within the last meter.. The little shinney fish are glass fish.

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