Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dive Light - New O-rings setup, to cure small flooding..

I'm thinking that, under pressure, the lense might have pushed back into the torch and let water in. I based this on the fact that my lense might of been resting on an o-ring that would have had some give in it.. like so:-

Its a bit difficult to tell what's happening inside but when the o-ring behind the lense, is presented to the torch head, its lining up directly with the head wall, where it goes when I tighten it up, is anybody's guess.. But my thinking is, thats the lense is not resting on a solid/ immovable wall/surface, which could allow it to move under pressure. To make the lense rest on an immovable wall/surface, I changed the design to:

I've removed the inner o-ring to allow the lense to sit on the head wall and have increased the diameter of the outside one to 3mm..

The front 3mm O-ring might be too big as you can see quite a bit of it from the front when tightened up.

I've a 2.5mm section O-ring which I might also try at the front.

The 2.5mm O-ring is too big to go on the body, so the 2mm one is still there.

The lense is still the stepped one, but ideally, it would be better to have one without the step.

When the smaller diameter lense sits inside the head walls.. the bezel can screw further down onto the head which might also help water tightness..maybe!

This is now in testing. Overnight bucket test ok, 4m pool test ok and this weekend 30m dive.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Disaster Strikes (almost) - Torch has water in it..

Ok, first sea dive of 2013 this weekend.... 27m ( 88ft) in to the English Channel for the Broderick off Hastings... 7 degress water temp.

Torch worked fine for the duration of the dive and out performed the UK Light cannon and Green Force umbilical easily...

Used it throughout the dive with no issues but back on deck noticed a little water on the inside of the lense... Still worked but decided to stop using it there and then.

On opening it at home, the water seems to be between the drop-in and the lense... nothing behind near the electronics or cable gland...

So, it was ok at 15m in the lake... and now at 27m not so good.... I did drag it through the sand and generally not look after it... so not sure if depth or I knocked it... Even so.... not the spec I want..

Friday, 12 April 2013

Rubbish Button SPG

2 years old on a pony... can't read it for the pitting on the window and my eyesight is shot so thats something else wrong with it...

Friday, 5 April 2013

Dive light - Part #9 - New Goodman handle

Upgrade the handle from the lash it up in 5mins to something that looks a little better...



Parts are:

The maglite holder is a Maglite ASXD021 Auto Clamps Skin for ASXD026E (2 Pieces). Its an American part but they crop up on ebay and Amazon in the UK. It was £7.25.

The Goodman handle was from a chap off  TheDiveForum (TDF) , £16 but you can find them on ebay...

At the moment its attached with a couple of tie wrays until I can find some bolts.

The Maglite slips around in the holder preventing the users from turning the ring which has the magnet on! To get round this I double wrapped some dry suit rubber strips to grip it.. works well...

Some more pictures..