Friday, 5 April 2013

Dive light - Part #9 - New Goodman handle

Upgrade the handle from the lash it up in 5mins to something that looks a little better...



Parts are:

The maglite holder is a Maglite ASXD021 Auto Clamps Skin for ASXD026E (2 Pieces). Its an American part but they crop up on ebay and Amazon in the UK. It was £7.25.

The Goodman handle was from a chap off  TheDiveForum (TDF) , £16 but you can find them on ebay...

At the moment its attached with a couple of tie wrays until I can find some bolts.

The Maglite slips around in the holder preventing the users from turning the ring which has the magnet on! To get round this I double wrapped some dry suit rubber strips to grip it.. works well...

Some more pictures..

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