Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Xdeep Stealth 2.0 canister holder on weight belt

Where do you put your lighting canister when using the Xdeep Stealth sidemount wing?

Starting out, I mounted my light for me canister like this:

It was a bit of lash-up with some bungee through the last D-ring webbing loop.

I wasn't satisfied with the mounting as it was a long way from my hand and hence the cable was stretched at an angle. I did have the Xdeep adaptor plate but with the butt plate it didn't look like it would work, hence my solution.

So looking for another solution I saw that a few folks had rigged them behind the wing on the weight belt, so when I saw the following bit of kit, it gave me the idea for my set-up.


I would have bought these but after shipping and buying a couple it sort of didn't make sense, plus I actually had a 25mm bar of aluminium in the garage which is the exact width to fit between the webbing slots on the weight belt!

Now, I can't create anything like Sump UK, so this is a complete DIY/Bodge effort using the most basic of tools, manual bending and using a hammer!

First off the aluminium bar was 25mm * 2mm and solid in 1m length off ebay for £1.99, you can make three single sided adaptors out of 1 length:.

The key to making life easy and getting some level of accuracy is to make a cardboard template to get the angles right and mark up the bending points. Cut a cardboard strip the same width as the ali plate and work out how you want the metal to form, I went for a 90 degree angle instead of moulding it round the canister because the diameters could be different.

Here is template and angle guide to match...it sort of matches the depth of the weight pockets.

Here are some pictures of the construction and mounting:

I used the vice of the bench to hold the strip when bending it, when the angle was tighter that 90 degrees, I had to just manual bend it with the pliers.


Add Some bike inner tube:-

Add a bungee loop:-

Slide it through under the central webbing, you will have to pull the webbing to the left to allow the clip to pass over. Use a screw driver to gain some leverage if need be.

I still need to file the exposed ends down so as not to rub on my dry suit and will probably switch the canister to the right-hand side.

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