Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Greisinger GOX 100 - Oxygen Analyser for Diving

Found this on the internet and decided to give it a go... Its significantly cheaper that the most common analyser ( Analox O2EII Nitrox Analyser ) and only slightly more expensive that a homebrew kit so it seemed a good idea.

Greisinger GOX 100 T Oxygen Meter with Sensor

Details from their website...

Greisinger GOX 100 T Oxygen Meter with Sensor
Highlights & details
  • For gaseous oxygen
  • Automatic temperature compensation for greater accuracy
  • Inc. thermometer
This compact Greisinger GOX 100 T Oxygen Meter with Sensor measures the oxygen concentration in gas mixtures and air. For the best the results the actual measurement of the oxygen takes place at the tip of the included sensor. The unique design of the sensor the device has to be calibrated at regular intervals to obtain accurate measuring values. When the sensor is used up, the device will detect this at calibration and the sensor element hast to be replaced before the start of the next measurement.
By means of the integrated hold-function, the MOD-Display (max. operating depth) and a specialized sensor, it is optimized for the testing of diving gas mixtures (such as NITROX).
  • Min, max value storage
  • Cheap sensor element very easy to replace
  • Sensor evaluation for assessment of the sensor status
  • Simplest calibration on air
  • Configurable automatic OFF function
  • MOD-display (indicates the maximum permitted depth with the measured oxygen mixture).
Included in delivery
  • Sensor with 1 m Cable
  • Hose adaptor
  • T-item
  • 1battery (9V block)
  • O2 oxygen sensor GOEL 370
  • User manual.
The device corresponds to the essential protection ratings established in the Regulations of the Council for the Approximation of Legislation for the member countries regarding electromagnetic compatibility (2004/108/EG). Device meets EN 61326-1:2006, Additional fault: <1%.
Technical data
Accuracy± 0.1 % O2 (± 1 Digt)
Weight150 g
Power supply9 V battery pack
Resolution0.1 % O2
Measurement rangeOxygen concentration: 0.0 – 100.0 % O2
Dimensions(W x H x D) 67 x 106 x 30 mm

I'm glad i made a handsfree bungy attachment so that I can just attach the sensor to the valve, as I've only got two hands.. 

The case is not waterproof. An otterbox/Peli would be better. It survived as I was on a hardboat and there wasn't a great deal of water on the deck... but I can imagine on a Rhib or wet day it won't do unless you put in the cabin/dry bag. I just left it in my mesh bag on the deck.

A nice feature was a hold reading button and a MOD function, basically tells you the MOD of the current reading.

It worked without issues and I was happy for the price..

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