Saturday, 11 May 2013

Dive Light - Part #9 - Maglite - Another go and still leaks...

So tried the single 3mm O-ring on the front and letting the lense rest on the head. Result was that it leaked in exactly the same way as the last time. Small drops between the lense and the drop-in. Still works but not sure for how long.

This time I got 4 dives out of it at 32m ( 105ft) max, there was a slight flicker from the light but it didn't go out...

The only other thought I have is that the leak is coming from where the body and head screw together..

So might try the liquid casket in there or a slightly bigger O-ring, I know 2.5 is too big and it has a 2mm in there at the moment...Maybe even double up on the 2mm rings..?

Some other issues, the light fell out of the clamp and I nearly lost the goodman handle.

The plastic ring with the magnet slipped off and I found it halfway down the cable.

The maglite holder actually snapped, i needed to wrap an old inner tube around the light to stop it slipping in the holder, this increased the diameter of the maglite and this put too much pressure on the maglite holder, so one side snapped off, groan.

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